Houston Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Too often, motorists ignore, or act with disregard for, pedestrians, and if you are injured as a result of this neglect, then our Houston pedestrian accident attorney staff wants to hear from you.

We’re Rodriguez & Associates, P.C. and we’re a pedestrian injury law firm in Houston TX that wants to work with you and hold negligent people and parties accountable for your accident and subsequent injuries. Don’t let your injuries and need for compensation go ignored — get the aggressive, skilled representation of our Houston pedestrian accident law firm on your side.

Protecting the rights of Houston’s pedestrians

Unlike motorists, pedestrians don’t have any form of protection to absorb the punishment from a collision. This makes pedestrians incredibly vulnerable, and when they are struck by a car or truck, it can lead to catastrophic injures.

As a long-time pedestrian injury attorney in Houston TX, Rodriguez & Associates, P.C. has witnessed a wide range of pedestrian accidents. They can play out in scenarios where a pedestrian is:

  • Jaywalking and struck by a vehicle
  • Hit as they walk across a crosswalk
  • Backed into by a vehicle
  • Sideswiped by a car or truck
  • Hit while they’re by the side of the road checking the mail
  • Struck while getting on or off a school or public bus
  • And more

As your Houston pedestrian accident attorney, it is our job to collect important details surrounding your accident so that we can identify who is to blame for the incident and your injuries.

We’re a pedestrian injury law firm in Houston TX that stands up to insurance companies in an effort to strike a fair deal on your behalf. We don’t mind going to court to fight the case there — we’re simply focused on serving your best interests.

Our Houston pedestrian accident attorney team is standing by to talk to you more about your case. Contact our team right now to get started.



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