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If you are in the oil or fishing business, you know how dangerous maritime careers can be — and you know that you should be able to rely on your Houston maritime injury attorney. At Rodriguez & Associates P.C., we serve as a trustworthy offshore injury law firm in Houston TX that delivers real results for our clients.

Life-changing accidents can prevent you from working, saddle you with thousands in medical bills, and affect your future in ways you have not yet imagined. With the help of our specialist maritime injury lawyer in Houston TX, you can recover the damages you need to help you live a fulfilling life after a maritime workplace accident.

Why You Need a Specialized Houston Maritime Injury Attorney

Many of our clients do not realize that maritime law is so dramatically different from the law of the land. Workers who are injured on the sea are entitled to financial protection if they are injured, but these protections are not the same as general workers’ compensation. An offshore injury law firm in Houston TX knows that compensation for medical and living expenses, also known as maintenance and cure, differs from traditional workers’ compensation cases.

Furthermore, your Houston offshore injury attorney can help you build a strong case, even in the face of adversity. In many instances, workplace injuries are difficult to investigate in the offshore environment, meaning that companies try to skew the situation to favor their interests instead of those of the worker. The company is probably prepared with on-call attorneys and investigators to promote their corporate interests — and you need to be similarly protected.

Rodriguez & Associates is the Houston maritime injury attorney you can trust to have your back when your employer is fighting your injury claim. We advocate for you, optimizing your chances of recovering the damages you need and deserve. Why wait another moment? Contact our team today to learn more.



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