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Serious burns can cause significant health complications — or even death — which is why, if you are ever involved in an accident of this nature, it’s vital to work with an experienced Houston burn injury attorney.

Here at The Law Office of Joe Ray Rodriguez P.C., we know that burn injuries can cause medical bills to pile up. Many burns require long-term physical therapy and perhaps even a lifetime of disfigurement. If a negligent person or party prompted an accident that resulted in burn injuries, then we have a burn injury attorney in Houston TX that will work to help you receive fair compensation. 

The various types of burn accidents

As an experienced burn injury law firm in Houston TX, we know that burn injuries can stem from a variety of accidents. These can include:

  • Exposure to flame: Whether at home due to a faulty product or on the job, when you come into contact with an open flame, serious burns can result. Our Houston burn injury law firm will explore who, or what, contributed to the accident and hold them accountable.
  • Scalding: This is another very common type of burn accident. If your skin comes into contact with hot liquid or even steam, it can result in life-changing burn injuries. If this scalding happened due to someone’s negligence, our Houston burn injury attorney staff will be ready to go to bat for you.
  • Electrical burns: Working with electricity is inherently dangerous — not only do you run the risk of electrocution, but electricity can cause serious burns, as well. As a long-time burn injury attorney in Houston TX, we can represent you if you were injured on the job or elsewhere due to faulty electrical setups.

The list goes on from there (i.e. chemical burns and more). Regardless of the type of burn, our Houston burn injury attorney team is ready to help you recover the compensation needed to make a full recovery in your case. Contact us to set up a free consultation.



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